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Bearing repairing charges every month for an old car is not a feasible decision. If your car is eating up lot of money in repairing and it doesn’t able to give you a smooth drive anymore, it is high time you should get rid of your car and get a new one. But the bigger point is how to get rid of an unwanted car in Canberra? If that’s your challenge, we are ready to help you out. Wrecking an old, unwanted car is one of the top ways to get rid of it and make some instant cash for car.

We- the leading Car wreckers Canberra is always ready for free scrap car removal and offer eco-friendly car dismantling. We- The Hunter Auto Recycling is serving the ACT region since a long time. Buying old cars for cash is one of our top services. Here is what we offer in auto wrecking, especially car wrecking in Canberra.

  • Scrap Car Wreckers Canberra
  • Unwanted Car Wreckers Canberra
  • Write off car wreckers Canberra
  • Damaged Car Wrecking
  • Auto Wreckers Canberra

Instant Removal & Towing

Dealing with us means hassle free car removal. We ensure on-time pick up and collect the car on the very same day. Once we receive your call and get the details of your unwanted car along with the pickup location, we immediately assign the job to one of our local towing truck driver and the auto appraiser. We know your time is precious and you have other commitments, so keeping in mind your schedule, we make arrangement same day free car removal in Canberra. Moreover, the towing and removal of your car is completely free. We do not charge for towing. There is no hidden cost involved. With us, you are assured to get smooth experience and top cash for cars in Canberra.

Wrecking All Makes, Every Model

We do not discriminate. Whether it is an old Toyota and a broken Mazda, we buy all with a second thought. You just need to call us at: 0411 920 940 or drop a line by filling the online form here. We will call you right away and get your car details. Once done with the basic details, we will offer you a free quote and if you agree, we‘ll come to you within an hour. The list of make we wreck includes but not limited to:

  • Toyota Wreckers Canberra
  • Mazda Wreckers Canberra
  • Honda Wreckers Canberra
  • Hyundai Wreckers Canberra
  • Kia Wreckers Canberra
  • Ford Wreckers Canberra
  • Mitsubishi Wreckers Canberra

Rest assured, we will buy whatever make or model you have. Feel free to call us now. 0411 920 940

Get Cash Up To $9999

No one can pay higher than us. Absolutely no auto wreckers pay cash for cars in Canberra as much we pay. We are the oldest and most trusted reliable wreckers Canberra and always care for our reputation. You can compare our quote with others but we guarantee, no one can bear our price.

We generally pay cash for unwanted cars, cash for scrap cars, cash for write off cars in Canberra and our price range is starting from $500 and goes up to $9999. If your car is newer model and the engine is powerful, we can fetch you even up to $15000. What are you waiting for? Call us now and schedule a free car inspection.

Free Quote/Cash Offer

Get an instant cash offer for your car. We just need the basic details such as the make, model, age, and physical condition of the car. Once done, we will share/email the quote with you in minutes. Our cash for car offers are valid for 7 days and you have plenty of time to think and decide. Call us now and let us help you get a free quote for your scrap car in Canberra ACT.

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