How our offer works

How We Do Cater To Out Customers?

The reputed Hunter Auto Recycling is and always known for introducing customers with the best service. Let us check it out more about it in a detailed manner.

Customers Shares The Vehicle Details

First, you need to share the vehicle details such as the type of car, model, etc. We introduce attractive and stable pricing for your customers at an ideal price/quality ratio. What makes us different from others is that we do always listen to our customers and know how to adapt. Out customer service has always been quite thoughtful.

We Evaluate And Give An Instant Cash Quote

You just need to let us know the detail of your car and we would be offering you cash quote within a short period. We at The Hunter Auto Recycling take pride in introducing cash for your junk cars. You just need to contact us and we would take a look at your old scrap car and we give you money for your scrap cars. It is quite a simple solution.

Auto Appraisers Reach Out To Customers With Towing Trucks

We introduce towing trucks free of cost. For years, we have always been distinguished ourselves in this field of high-end car removal services. It does not mean if you do have an old, unwanted or damaged vehicle, we do buy all kind of models and pay you an ideal amount for it. Moreover, we also introduce a free towing service.

After Evaluation, We Pay Cash And Tow Away The Car

We evaluate all required points and we pay you cash on the spot. We always satisfy your requirements and make sure you are paid for it along with the acceptance of a wide array of makes and models. The prominent benefit of choosing us is that we all do have authorizations and certifications necessary to carry out any kind of work in the field of car removal service in Newcastle. Protection Status