The best price for cars in Canberra

In today’s world cars are emotions! We always look for the best car in the market with all new features and tech, but good things come with a good price. New cars are so expensive these days, a decent car with voice command and AI can burn a large hole in your pocket. Why don’t you sell your old car and use the money for getting a new one you dreamt of? Come to Hunters Auto Recycling, we buy old cars for good price. Don’t worry if your car doesn’t roll on roads; we buy dented, damaged, unwanted vehicles which are left unused for years. Grab the cash and rush to the showroom of your dream car. This is the age of trends, no one uses a car more than five years and to match with the pace you need to go with the flow. Give your oldie to us and get a new companion thereafter.

Worried about your old car? We are the people you are just looking for. We are one of the leading Auto Wreckers Canberra. Our Junk Car Yard Canberra serves the Canberra region and the whole of Australia with our car removal and cash for cars services since 2009.

If you have an unwanted car and want some good cash for it, we are the best option in the city. We buy anything with wheels; cars, buses, vans, 4WD, Ute and pay the best price for it.

We take away your unwanted car along with your worries!

On the spot payment, free removal, paper assistance is some of the services we offer here. Not able to decide? No worries! Just give us a call and book a free consultation. We will help you assess your car and clear all your doubts. It doesn’t matter you sell your car with us or not we will not hesitate to assist you. You just need to call us at: 0411 920 940 and we will take care of the rest. Apart from the standard procedures, we ensure the removal of your burden in a just few hours.


We buy every model, every brand, and ensure that your car gets the safest disposal possible. We are eco-friendly wrecker and ensure safe disposal of vehicles. All makes and models are entertained, we do not discriminate.


Contact us and share your location; an expert team of Auto Wreckers Canberra will reach you, make a quick inspection of your car, and get it removed within no time with all the procedures followed. Not only in Canberra, but we are also available throughout Australia! Any scrap car within Australia; just ring us! We are 24*7 at your service.


We ensure that your car gets the best possible price and pay cash up to $9999. We the Hunters Auto Recycling is #1 car wreckers in Canberra. Fill the online form and get a no-obligation cash offer.

More reasons to choose us?

1. The first and foremost reason to choose us is that we are the best and we know our jobs. Our technicians and experts are well trained to deal with any cars or vehicles.
2. We have special employees for large vehicles like trucks and buses. So we keep the procedure hassle-free.
3. We are really quick. We tend to complete the removal process within a few hours after your consent.
4. We offer the best price in the market! No other company can please you with the price as we can.
5. We treat our clients like family. We ensure no problem is caused to the seller and take care of everything. Starting from the removal to the paper works all are done efficiently under the same roof.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call us!! Hunter Auto Recycling is at your service always!